29 October 2014

Toward Goals

ARMA 2014 – the conference and expo – met in San Diego this week. Here's my initial impression and a differentiator from past meetings:

More devotees of Records & Information Management/Governance now recognize that their efforts must enhance and support movement toward their organizations’ goals.  In the private sector, that generally means contributing to black ink on the balance sheet.

In past years, records purists tried to perfect their discipline:

  •        The data map and records inventory must be complete and comprehensive
  •       The retention schedule must have the optimum number of classifications and be refreshed on an aggressive schedule
  •       The taxonomy must be optimized and current
  •        The numbers on the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles Maturity Model must rise each year

These were always important, but now there is a greater realization that the goal is a successful organization, not a pure practice of the discipline.

This may reflect the rise of Information Governance in the RIM community.  IG is more holistic, reflecting a concern with organization success.  It gets RIM practitioners out of their silo (or Records Center) and closer to the C-suite.  There, they share or buy into the overall goal of the organization – commercially speaking, more profits or a rising stock price.

Stay tuned for more from ARMA 2014.


  1. Thanks Gordy. I did not attend the conference and I appreciate your reports and thoughts.
    Gary Link

  2. I am a Librarian and Records Manager. I took my Library skills such as organizing and standardizing metadata, applying litigation holds/records freezes, identifying FOIA exemption information, incorporating retention schedules and last but not least, creating user friendly search screens. Librarians have been using what's now called Information Governance for several thousand years.