22 November 2010


Gentle readers:
Despite the fact that months have passed since my last post, my quill and inkwell have been busy.
Watch for upcoming publications:
1) My review of the ARMA International conference to appear in KM World
2) "GARP in the Real World" to appear in the Jan/Feb issue of Information Management
3) An exploration of "Retention" at InformationManagementCompare.com

Most of my other work cannot be reprinted here for copyright reasons, but here are some links.
  • Long-term storage of digital records is discussed at http://www.kmworld.com/Articles/Editorial/Feature/What-should-you-do-to-preserve-records-with-a-long-life-cycle3f-70065.aspx
  • Lessons learned from a hospital's lost records is at http://www.informationmanagementcompare.com/453-Articles/449-Lessons-Learned-the-Hard-Way-What-you-can-glean-from-the-misadventures-of-an-East-Coast-hospital/
  • Problems arising from the new federal requirements for digital health records are at: http://www.informationmanagementcompare.com/453-Articles/232-Explosive-Healthcare-Informatics-Challenged/
If these long URL's are a problem (personally, I don't mind copying and pasting) please leave a comment to that effect below, and I will supply Tiny URLs in the future.

Thanks for your interest, and as always, stay in touch,