31 January 2011

GARP in the Real World

The January/February issue of Information Management magazine contains an article I wrote last November and called "GARP in the Real World". The editors called it "Shoring Up Your Information Governance with GARP", and the pulled all of my real-world citations into a sidebar. Nonetheless, the information is there, and you may find it useful.
Non-ARMA members may need to wait until the next issue comes out before the link (the title, above) is active.

Most of the citations were in the news the week I wrote the story. The point was to show that problems from the lack of GARP are in the news every day. Some are big and some are small, but one does not need to do deep research to find them. A simple Internet search will deliver the issues.

Thanks for reading!

04 January 2011

Report from ARMA International

My report from November's ARMA International Conference just appeared in the January issue of KM World. Click on the title, above, to follow the link.
And watch for an upcoming article on retention in InformationManagementCompare.com