09 June 2011


Last month, I traveled to Chicago for Cohasset Associates' 19th Managing Electronic Records conference: MER. It focused on getting rid of "Stuff", especially the legal implications thereof. "Stuff" represented the unneeded, outdated, and useless information that many organizations keep to their detriment.

While most people use MER as an acronym, the organizers prefer to regard the letters as initials, spelling it out. Hence, two limericks emerged:

A friend of mine said, off the cuff,
"I'm drowning in info -- enough!
It makes me mad, grrrrr,"
I said, "Go to MER,"
And learn how to get rid of Stuff."

A friend of mine traveled afar
To attend the nineteenth M-E-R
"I've got to shed fluff,
Got to get rid of Stuff
And lighten my load 'for the Bar."